Dried Chicory Root is :
   All Natural
   Kosher Certified
   Inulin Rich

One of the most important reasons that Chicory Root is included in dog food is that it is believed to be an effective probiotic.

Probiotics such as Chicory Root can have several benefits, such as helping to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut. This support of “healthy” bacteria in the gut is said to reduce the risk of certain diseases and improve the dog’s immune system.

Another important trait is that Chicory Root has been found to contain up to 20% inulin. Most people will not be familiar with Inulin, but it is similar to starch.

Inulin is not found in most vegetables you would eat but can be found in other niche vegetables such as the Jerusalem Artichoke and Yakon. While different from its purpose in dog food, Inulin is used in some human foods as a sweetener and is around a tenth the strength of sucrose.

The benefit of Inulin in pet food is as a source of soluble fiber, which is very similar to the use of other sources of soluble fiber like Dried Beet Pulp and Tomato Pomace.

Soluble fiber is important as it absorbs water during digestion, ensuring that stool is a consistent and moist texture.

Thanks to this trait, Soluble fiber helps your dog digest its food effectively and consistently as well as pass its stool regularly, which is an issue for many.

Lastly, it has been suggested by some that Chicory Root’s natural oils can help eliminate or prevent intestinal worms. While the evidence for this trait is fairly limited, it could be a notable benefit if it is an issue your dog experiences regularly.

While Dried Chicory Root may not be well understood by most pet owners, it is used widely throughout the industry, and a number of the popular and prominent dog food brands include it in their recipes.

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